2013 The start of a major project

In 2013 the first investment (of 500 million dollars) was dedicated to the creation of units for the production of reinforcing bar, one of the most demanded building materials in the country.

The initial production capacity is 1.2 million tons of reinforcing bar per year and represents 28% of demand at this time.

This first investment not only covers an important part of the demand but at the same time reduces the importations which allows a remarkable currency saving. In Tosyali Algeria's liquid steel manufacturing process, ferrous waste from all over the country is used as a raw material. The environment benefits and the production resources are local.

For this investment, more than 1,000 direct jobs have been created in the area of the complex, reducing unemployment significantly. Tosyali Algeria is also creating high value-added positions and interesting career opportunities for graduates of technical universities in the region.

2015 Wire rod makes its entrance

Like reinforcing bars, wire rod is also suffering from high demand and the import of this vital product for development. An investment (of 250 million dollars) is made for the construction of a wire rod production unit. Once again, jobs are created, and the raw material for the manufacture of dozens of products such as wire mesh, wire, nails, screws etc. is finally available on the Algerian market and from local production. Tosyali meets 60% of the country's needs for this raw material.

2018 The Mega Integration Project

After having met a large part of the country's demand for iron products, Tosyali Algeria continues its development with record investments (exceeding 2.5 billion euros.)

The 3rd stage of the project aims to drastically increase the production capacity of reinforcing bars. To do this, a steel plant with a capacity of 2.2 million tons of liquid iron for the production of billets which will be used in the manufacture of reinforcing bars has emerged. It’s also 2 newly built reinforcing bars rolling mills that will be supplied by this new steelworks.

To complete the integration of iron ore into the finished product, Tosyali Algeria sets up a pellet production unit. It transforms iron ore into pellets with a production capacity of 4 million tons per year. This product powers the largest direct reduction unit in the world. This unit reduces agglomerated iron ore (pellet) for use in arc furnaces. The DRI unit has a production capacity of HDRI and CDRI (Hot and cold) of 2.5 million tonnes per year. At the same time, a manufacturing unit for spiral tubes intended for the transport of gas, hydrocarbons and water and also intended for construction is launched.

At the end of 2018, the mega project is operational and consolidates its place of jewel and pride of the Algerian industry.