TOSYALI ALGERIA Participates in the development of the steel industry in Algeria

Algeria is an economic crossroads of great importance, a country with four seasons; from south to north and west to east, climatic diversity and exceptional landscapes, the country's riches are multiple, a young population, a human resource full of hope for the country's economy.

Natural resources, particularly mining, still pristine, are just waiting to be made profitable. The country's geographical position gives Algeria a strategic position; a viable gateway to Africa and a link to Europe and the Atlantic

TOSYALI ALGÉRIE has chosen to share its know-how and expertise of more than half a century in the steel sector with Algeria.

Our company has the same perspective and the same objective as Algeria, to promote the country's mineral wealth, participate in the development of the high value-added steel industry, create jobs around this sector, strengthen the skills of human resources and get out of dependence on imports and move towards export.

The mega-complex Tosyali Algeria provides quality products and offers an international reputation to Algeria.


Enhance natural mineral wealth and diversify the country's economy.

Our primary mission is above all, to honor our commitments to the nation by creating jobs by the thousands thanks to our investments. Our primary approach is dedicated to the supervision of human resources, through training and upgrading, of engineers, technicians and senior executives.

Every day we supply the national market with quality steel products.

Export to various continents has become regular thanks to a strong national integration of raw materials, labor and the transmission of know-how, which allows us to be very competitive on international markets.

Tosyali Algeria is helping to make Algeria self-sufficient by supporting its industrial development by enhancing its mineral wealth. Algeria can become a hub in the export of its iron and steel surpluses throughout the world.


The solidarity around sustainable societal and cultural projects reflects the human dimension of our action, the enhancement of skills, the enhancement of natural resources while respecting the environment and the performance of our industry, guide our resolute steps towards success.