Our school is located in Osmaniye Fatih District with 16 classrooms. The school, which is planned to be constructed to meet the education and rehabilitation deficit of mentally retarded individuals, consists of two main sections: "Training Application" and "Job Training Center".

In the Training Application section; Medium and severe mentally retarded children in the 3-14 age group are taught daily life skills, color, shape, rhythmic counting, simple addition, subtraction, and literacy. In the Job Training Center, academic knowledge-skills development and job training programs are implemented in courses lasting up to three years for individuals over the age of 16 who are outside the compulsory education age and who need special education. Students who complete the course program; other non-formal education programs are directed to work and profession.

The base floor area of the center is 1,380 square meters, the second floor is 300 square meters and total area is 1,680 square meters.