In this period when the TOSYALI Holding Algeria Mega Project, which is the biggest investment of Turkey abroad is being realized with confident steps, the restoration work of Bey Konağı is being performed by TOSYALI Holding under the signed protocol. Bey Konağı is located in Oran city of Algeria, which is the second largest city of the country and have witnessed a history of 225 years. The purpose of restoration is to transfer this historical and cultural prominent structure to the next generations.

Built on a Spanish castle by Muhammad Bin Osman Al Kebir Bey in 1792, the Bey Mansion consists of a divan, a harem and a favorite lodge. The palace, which was repaired and used by the French after the French occupation, has closed its doors to visitors since it has many structural problems.

In the restoration work of TOSYALI Holding, as in many countries of the world, TIKA will undertake the duty of consultancy and it already has been carrying our 'heritage protection' activities in Algeria.