Rules of Ethical Behavior Principles of Implementation

Obligation of Notifying Violations and Reporting Concerns

Tosyalı Holding and its group companies value clear and transparent communication. Our companies have Ethics Lines so that our employees can notify processes and behaviors they think violate Tosyalı Holding company policies and procedures. Ethics line notifications can be made through the e-mail (

When these types of concerns arise, employees are advised to first consult with their immediate superiors without contacting the Ethics Line, and should their concerns fail to see resolve in this manner, employees can reach out to the Ethics Committee, an authorized unit of Tosyalı Holding through the Ethics Line.

The disclosure of a notification the person made that would negatively impact the peace or relationships at the workplace to third parties will be definitely be prevented.

Primarily management shall give assurance for the provision of an environment and effectiveness suitable for the notification mechanism to work. Employees are aware of their support for management in providing for the effectiveness of the notification mechanism.

Below are some reportable the violations or inappropriate behaviors: