Completed in 2014 in İskenderun Azganlık region, the mosque is located at the intersection of the roads in the town.

Structure consists of the ground floor where the mosque floor, gathering floor, course location, morgue, warehouse and imam lodging are located. The walls of the mosque with a capacity of 750 people are embossed with embroidered tiles.

The mosque is built on a 350-meter-floor floor area, 300 square meters of mosque courtyard, 80 square meters of the ground floor of the course section in the classroom, teacher's room and kitchen. In the morgue, there are morgue units and washing units for two funerals, 130 square meters of imam lodging consisting of 3 rooms and 1 living room on the ground floor and 30 square meters of fountain and male and female toilets in the courtyard. The Azganlık Tosyalı Mosque, which has a 40 m high double minaret built adjacent to the mosque, was donated to the Directorate of Religious Affairs.