Located in Reyhanlı, Hatay, our school is considered a first in our country with its architectural features and equipment.

The architectural structure of the complex, which settled on an area of 15,627 meters, is based on Seljuk architecture. The school, which consists of three main blocks with a magnificent atmosphere, has 24 classrooms and administrative buildings with a capacity of 720 students. The complex also has physics, chemistry and biology laboratories, music and art workshops, conference room, cafeteria and library. There are special toilets on each floor of the education buildings for our disabled students, 2 living rooms specially furnished on the ground floor of the dormitory building, ramps easy to use at school entrances and a special disabled elevator between floors.

There is also a dormitory with a shared living space on the campus, which can accommodate a minimum of 300 students to solve housing problems of the students coming from outside the city.