Eaf Meltshop

Annual production capacity of liquid steel: 3.7 millions tons

Arc furnaces operates DRI into liquid steel and feed the continuous casting machine (CCM)

In an arc furnace, a high voltage is applied between 3 graphite-carbon electrodes and the metal to be melted. This voltage creates an electric arc. The temperature generated by the arc exceeds 1,800 ° C and can reach 3,600 ° C melts the steel. This process, developed in the 19th century, largely controlled and optimized today, has become unavoidable because of its ability to produce high quality steels and its versatility because it can use scrap metal as well as reduced ore. Its profitability is interesting in regions where electricity is abundant and the electricity grid is stable and developed. Tosyali Algeria trusts TENOVA for the installation of its bows ovens. With decades of experience Tenova shares with Tosyali its vision of innovation, reliability and productivity