Rolling Mill

Annual production capacity of rolled products: 4 millions tons

The rolling mills convert billets into rebar and wire rod through successive horizontal and vertical rolling. Once cooled and packaged the finished products are ready to be delivered to our customers.

Rolling makes it possible to obtain a circular section at the desired diameter of the product. The material is water cooled throughout the rolling to finalize the solidification of the steel. The rebar thus obtained is ribbed and cut to produce bundles of 2 tons. The wire rod is wound up in the form of coils of 2 tons too. The bundles of rebar and the coils of wire rod are identified by a label fixed on the product which mentions the steel grade, the heat number and the dimensions in order to assure a traceability and a easy identification by our customers. Finished products are handled with great care via magnetic overhead cranes to prevent physical damage to the product. Our customers can now recover their order.