Direct Reduction

Annual production capacity: 2.5 Million Tons

The direct reduction unit produces high quality DRI to feed the arc furnace.

The Tosyali Algeria Direct Reduction Unit isthe largest Hot / Cold DRI production unit in the world

Direct reduction is a set of processes using reformed natural gas transforming the ore into iron without reaching the melting temperature. The principle is to expose the iron ore to the reducing action of the gas at high temperature (about 1000 ° C) in order to recuce it. The reformed natural gas is composed of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Our partners for the realization of our direct reduction unit are MIDREX and Paul Wurth, world leaders in direct reduction technology. The processing capacity of our facility is more than 300 tons per hour thanks to a continuous production system. This unit offers Tosyali Algeria a significant advantage in terms of production flexibility and greatly reduces our dependence on ferrous waste and raw material.