TOSYALI Holding, which has embarked on social responsibility projects in order to transfer our historical and cultural heritage to future generations, also attaches importance to our heritage, which is our reason of existence, to the future generations to be raised. TOSYALI Holding, which builds high schools, dormitories, practice schools, business education centers, sports centers, sports halls to educate new generations by taking care of our disabled youth until today, continues to establish libraries to signify the importance it attributes to reading and research.

In line with TOSYALI Holding's corporate social responsibility approach; Libraries in Istanbul Kandilli, Samsun and Balıkesir Edremit TÜRGEV buildings aim to educate generations who read, think, develop and implement.

TOSYALI Holding, aiming to be remembered with its charities, endeavors to overcome the deficiencies of the people in the region by addressing to social, cultural, health and spiritual issues with its corporate social responsibility approach.