In this period when the TOSYALI Holding Algeria Mega Project, which is the biggest investment of Turkey abroad is being realized with confident steps, the restoration work of Hasan Paşa Mosque is being performed by TOSYALI Holding under the signed protocol. Hasan Paşa Mosque is located in Oran city of Algeria, which is the second largest city of the country. The purpose of restoration is to transfer this historical and cultural prominent structure to the next generations.

The Pasha Mosque, which was built in 1796 in memory of the defeat of the Spaniards by the Ottomans by Hasan Pasha's order, was closed to worship during the French occupation and used for military purposes. In the following years, the mosque was reopened for worship and some interventions were made to the building over time, and some premises and structures which give damage to the surrounding and structure had been built. Due to structural problems, the mosque was closed to worship again in 2004.