In the current market context, Tosyali-Algeria has established an important priority: the need to distinguish itself from its competitors by anticipating the needs and expectations of its customers and other stakeholders by mobilizing all its resources.

The quality policy of Tosyali-Algeria was based around 5 strategic axes:

1. Satisfying customers and other stakeholders and understanding present and future needs to anticipate expectations.

2. Continuous improvement of performance is a daily concern to ensure the sustainability of the company.

3. Compliance with the regulations and the standards requirements in force guarantees the 

   customer a secure product that meets normative and regulatory obligations.

4. The provision of means and tools to ensure the production of a product that meets the requirements and sustain the activity.

5. The contribution to the environment preservation and the protection of the employees are subjects taken into account in the Tosyali-Algeria processes.

From these strategic axes follow the quality objectives defined in the different process that have been set to improve the performance of the processes. 

In order to achieve these objectives, Tosyali-Algeria General Management is committed to:

Tosyali Algeria-account on the mobilisation and involvement of all to put it into practice, and ensure a regular basis of its application.